Blackjack Poems

"There is something about the Blackjack form that engages me in a way that no other form does. I enjoy the challenge of expressing a complete thought in only 21 syllables without the historical baggage that Haiku carries. When I can successfully layer meaning so that the Blackjack stands up to repeated readings, I am ecstatic!" -David Taylor Nielsen

3/24/2014: Blackjack poets in today's On-line Floricanto.

"La Bloga friend Maritza Rivera invented a 21st century poetic form, the Blackjack Poem. Comprised of three lines, 7 syllables each, for a jackpot of 21 syllables, the form produces delightfully playful, often pithy, pieces.

Learn more about Blackjack poetry, submit your own, via the Blackjack Poets Facebook page."