Welcome to the Mariposa Poetry website!

The Mariposa Poetry page has been envisioned to encourage poets and writers, promote their work, and support their publication efforts with the goal of creating a unique and intimate literary community.

It is the home of the annual Mariposa Poetry Retreat, the Casa Mariposa Press, Poets Galore: Journal of Rejected Poetry and 21: Blackjack Poetry Journal.  Although still in its chrysalis stage, the metamorphosis promises to be magical.

The work of its founder, Maritza Rivera aka Mariposa, can also be found in the Butterfly Sightings and Butterfly Garden sections.

Join us for our Sixth Annual Mariposa Poetry Retreat

2012 MPR group photo

Date: October 6-8, 2017

Location: Capital Retreat Center
12750 Buchanan Trail East
Waynesboro, Pennyslyvania

Faculty: Abdul Ali, Yvette Neisser, Kim Roberts, Basil White, Rose Solari, Michael Friend